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Our founder's mother thought that she was being clever by insisting that if he drank her coffee, he had to drink it how she liked it: black. By 14 he had his own espresso machine and in the years since, he has honed his skills working for some of the best coffee roasters in the country.


Needless to say, this has been a long love affair with coffee.


We aim to bring out the best in each coffee that we roast. Coffees are seasonal, so our offerings change throughout the year. Our goal is to provide a delicious, approachable cup and honor the hard work of the farmers who provide us with such great products. 


Currently, our coffee is available at Buzzsaw Coffee in the Pajama Factory and at the Sawhorse Cafe in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It is roasted on site and is available for purchase at the cafe or on our website. 

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